Close to 90 sketch artists including: Warren Martineck, Brian Kong, Steven Miller, Rhiannon Owens, Elaine & Tony Perna, Axebone, Veronica O'Connel, Tim Shay, Adam Cleveland, Ted Dastick Jr, Charles Hall and many more!

Collect the all new series which includes a 72 card base set, 15 Vampirella 3-D lenticular cards, 9 puzzle chase cards, 3 Joe Jusko chase cards, plus randomly inserted autographs and Sketch Art Cards™, Puzzle Sketch Art Cards™.

Each collector's box contains the entire 72 card set, plus 4 3-D lenticular chase cards, 4 puzzle chase cards, 1 Joe Jusko chase card, and 2 Sketch Art Cards™ OR 1 Sketch Art Card™ and 1 Autograph Card. Each case contains 15 collector's boxes.


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